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"You Are The God that Healeth me!"

I thought to write about my recent experience on having as my Doctors relayed to me a “Major Surgery”. I have always kept quite good health considering I am as the BMI would have me listed “Morbidly Obese”. I quantify that as merely being of Samoan stock incorrectly identified in Medical terminology. I, and thousands more of my people say so, because we are built differently and our muscle mass counts for more. LOL!

It has been a journey for me since 2019 when I first went under general anesthetic for removal of kidney stones, which had rudely found lodging there, one even blocking my bladder to the point of infection. It was most definitely one of the most painful experiences I have ever endured, second only to childbirth.

I Praise God for His constant watch over me, and I was able to recover to face the onslaught of Osteoarthritis in my knees through the Pandemic that almost crashed the world in 2020 and though two years on from that, there are still cases of COVID, but our lives are slowly finding order again in 2022.

When my knees rebelled my usual quick strut in need of attention, I thought to myself that the BMI statistics were haunting me wickedly for my arrogance. The increase of visits to medical clinics and laboratories was inevitable. It was fast becoming a monthly routine for me to check in and out of my Doctors office, x-rays and sonograms. Needles like vampires were finding familiarity with my veins. There were times when I felt like the technician was taking out daily frustrations on me searching for a vein. To which I would smile and offer a respite in a joke. It was all I could do in that moment to stop the “Crazy Samoan Lady” from manifesting.

Early in 2021, funny thing is my medical issues seem to start in the Month of my Birthday. In early April, I was again seeing my Primary Doctor, and from there referred to a Specialist Doctor, for want of a better phrase, “Women tingz” and the rest lays in the journals of the ongoing days of my life.

Now six weeks to the day of my Abdominal Hysterectomy and ensuing wound from my stitches opening up, which at the time of writing is healing up nicely, my OBGYN is absolutely in awe of my progress, considering he tells me some wounds like mine have taken 3 months of packing to heal. Not me Doctor, we need to stop meeting this way!

I remember in preparation for my surgery, just before the Anesthesiologists’ cocktail of the day took over, looking up at the theatre lights and seeing vision as of a host of praying hands lifting me up. I remember nothing else, except an indescribable peace.

Throughout this time of healing, I am even more aware of my own mortality and purpose. My eyes have opened in understanding to all the opportunities granted to witness to the Love of God in every circumstance and situation. Especially in the trials of health and sickness that I have been through. In reality, nothing compared to the very difficult and serious medical condition of others.

I know that God’s promises to walk me through the floods and fires of life are true, and I pray to honor this with courage and faith so that my God would be reflected in my every response to people I come into contact with. So that they would know, the strength, courage and courtesy in my person come from the relationship and firm belief I have in God Who is the Creator and Sustainer of all life. In Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior and the faithful and constant presence of the Holy Spirit.

I am indebted to the wisdom and care of my physicians and medical teams. I Praise God for the champions of faith He has surrounded my life with, and the most amazing husband a wife could ask for, my loving children and the best of friends for their continued care.

I sing; “You Are The God that Healeth me!”


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